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mulle003 - http://mulleklubben.se/old/Falklermil.jpg< has new secret member nr. Same secret member nr as in the Swedish Armed forces. mulle 001-003 is fully entitled to KRILLENIZMEN. And all the secrets of MK-ULTRA.
It seems there's this magician working one of the luxury cruise ships for a few years. He doesn't have to change his routines much as the audiences change over fairly often, and he's got a good life. The only problem is the ship's parrot, who perches in the hall and watches him night after night, year after year. Finally, the parrot figures out how almost every trick works and starts giving it away for the audience. For example, when the magician makes a bouquet of flowers disappear, the parrot squawks "Behind his back! Behind his back!" Well, the magician is really annoyed at this, but there's not much he can do about it as the parrot is a ship's mascot and very popular with the passengers. One night, the ship strikes some floating debris, and sinks without a trace. Almost everyone aboard was lost, except for the magician and the parrot. For three days and nights they just drift, with the magician clinging to one end of a piece of driftwood and the parrot perched on the other end. As the sun rises on the morning of the fourth day, the parrot walks over to the magician's end of the log. With obvious disgust in his voice, he snaps "OK, you win, I give up. Where did you hide the ship?" . mulle002->mulle___: Vad skulle man säga till en tjej, det enda jag tänker på... mulle___ (dobermann): -Jag trivs med dig (iphone smiley på en tjej) ... =) * * * * * FUCK IT EASY - WHO DARES WINS - MULLEKLUBBEN SWEDEN - Dobermann snackade om att det är en bra bil jag egentligen behöver. Fuck it easy. =) .. .

mulle001=GOD, if 002+003, 003=001. GOD IS A GIRL. =) mulle002=KING mulle003=Swedish_Armed_Forces_Secret_Member mulle004=SASHATHESTAR.COMwithMAJAPRODUCTIONS mulle005=SECRET(GAMMON)withEDDIES.NU mulle006=SECRET mulle007=SECRET mulle008=SECRET mulle009=SECRET mulle010=SECRET mulle011=SECRET mulle012=SECRET mulle013=SECRET mulle014=SECRET mulle015=SECRET mulle016=SECRET mulle017=SECRET mulle018=SECRET mulle019=SECRET mulle020=SECRET (split) mulle021=SECRET (bj) mulle022=SECRET (thick) mulle... (insurance?) mulle... ... .. . to get member somone from mulle 001-005 (there is a top secret member 001337) hen resigned from the GOD post and didn't want to be affilated with mulleklubben, but hen is still in TOP and is choosen by the holy BIG CAHONA (Den ällsmäktige allra heligaste SEBAOT (GUDS den ällsmäktige Fadern (GUD) med Jesus Kristus på sin högra sida). =) Tjat have come to me in prayr and meditation. . to get a member of honor-membership (hedermedlemskap) you either have to get a memberofhonor-membership (a-aktie bevis med hedersmedlemskap from the KING or GOD) (only The KING and GOD can title members of honor and the member of honor most allready allready be a member of honor in affiliated/partner/~ organsisation we know about) .. .. To get membership approved all members 001, 002, 003, 004, 005 have to approve the new member all 5 votes in favour. So its 5/5. ... .. . Thats all we have worked out. Simplifyed: New member have to be approved (5 votes to 0) to clear a new member and the new member need to know a member allready. ok, over and out. Wellcome. =) .. Yeah to ask to join you allready need to know a member or get invited by one of us. =) . Yeah and as a card of decks (2 decks) of MULLE their can only be 104 cards. But som of them can be shared by multiple members. 2 or more kan share one card/member nr.. . . ingen http(s) för att undvika man in the mittle attacker. . . ... .. ..... ... .. =)

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