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A Polish worker walks into a bank to deposit his paycheck.  He has heard
about Poland's economic problems, and he asks what would happen to his
money if the bank collapsed.  "All of our deposits are guaranteed by the
finance ministry, sir," the teller replies.
	"But what if the finance ministry goes broke?" the worker asks.
	"Then the government will intercede to protect the working class,"
the teller says.
	"But what if the government goes broke?" the worker asks.
	"Our socialist comrades in the Soviet Union naturally will come
to our assistance," the teller responds with growing irritation.
	"And if the Soviet Union goes broke?" the worker asks.
	"Idiot!" the teller snorts. "Isn't that worth losing one lousy
		-- Making the rounds in Warsaw, 1984

BASSHUNTER-Boten_Anna-Subwavez_Hardstyle_Bootleg-MKULTRA-KRILLENIZMEN.mp4 BASSHUNTER-Boten_Anna-Subwavez_Hardstyle_Bootleg-MKULTRA-KRILLENIZMEN.mp4